IT Services & Computer Repair


What We Offer

IT Services

Windows, Mac and Linux Support

iPhone and Android

iPhone and Android Cell-Phone Repair

PC Repair

Desktop and Laptop Repair

Apple Devices

Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone, iMac, Mac and MacBook Repair

Web Development

HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript Development


Computer and Cell-Phone Motherboard Repair and Micro-Soldering

Data Recovery

Liquid Damage on Mobile Devices and Damaged Computer Hard Drive

On Site Help

On-Site Computer Tech Support



Phone Repair
$ 49 .99 /Starging
  • iPhone & Samsung Screen Repair
  • iPhone & Samsung Battery Repair
  • iPhone & Samsung Charging Problem
  • iPhone & Samsung Data Recovery
  • iPhone & Samsung Other Repairs
$ 59 .99 /Starging
  • Windows & macOS Slow Performance
  • Apple & PC Upgrades
  • Apple & PC Screen Repair
  • Apple & PC Data Recovery
  • Remote Support
Web Development
$ 159 .99 /Starging
  • WebSite Basic Design
  • Business Support
  • High Security Web Apps
  • Responsive Web Design
  • 24/7 Support


IT Services & Computer Repair

"The Technicians Network where you can find from Web Application Developers to Micro-Soldering Electronics Technicians, making your life easy placing all your Tech-Life needs in one place."

Based in California, The Team is formed for passionate people that really love fixing electronics and swimming in new Technology Trends. Years of experience and Certifications are covering our backs.


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